Setting a Flex ItemRenderer with AS3 Code

itemRenderer = new ClassFactory( ItemRendererClass );

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Getting Started with Git on Mac OS X

Some Background

I’ve recently switched from using SVN to using Git as my source control management tool of choice. It took a little while to get to grips with, but it rocks!

Git is not an evolution of SVN. It is entirely different. Git is a distributed revision control system – everybody working on a project has their own full copy of the repository and its entire history. Continue reading

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AS3 Dependency Injection and [Autowire]

Warning: This is long and probably VERY boring.. unless you are an AS3 junkie, and you’re interested in so called “lightweight micro-architectural frameworks” for Flash and Flex.

A couple of weeks ago I played around with Mate and Swiz. I already knew a little about Dependency Injection (in theory anyway), but playing with those two frameworks really drove the point home: applications are potentially MUCH easier to write, and much more flexible, when you take advantage of Dependency Injection. Continue reading

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Flash Mousewheel Scrolling on Mac OSX

Update: This was fixed and released in Player Woop! (Wed, 9 Dec, 2009)

Mousewheel scrolling is not properly supported by the Flash Player on Mac OSX. There is a bug in the Adobe bug tracker here:

But I feel that it’s misleading, and dilutes the issue. Firstly, the title has the word Flex in it. Secondly, it’s complaining about mousewheel support in Safari on Windows XP! Perhaps that is why it currently only has 10 votes.

The actual issue is that the mousewheel doesn’t work in any version of the Flash Player on OSX. It’s just a side-effect that it affects Safari on Windows.

This is a HUGE issue – Flash is all about Rich GUI these days, and OSX users are still without proper mouse support! How could this be an issue with only 10 votes?

At some point, the Flash Player will HAVE to support the Trackpad (with vertical and horizontal scrolling) properly, or risk continuing to look like a piece of ancient technology that doesn’t properly integrate with modern operating systems. I don’t think that’s an exaggeration: OSX users are generally very critical of UI nuances, and this is a biggie!

In the meantime there are a number of workarounds:

Update: The bug entry has been edited a little to better reflect the problem.
Update: This was fixed and released in Player Woop! (Wed, 9 Dec, 2009)

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AS3 UML Tool Request and Flex Survey

If you’d like to see Grant Skinner build an AS3 version of his gModeler UML tool drop a comment on this post:

If you use Flex Builder help make it better by taking this survey (takes about 15 minutes):

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For the most part, Pijin development has been going pretty well. Maciek came down from London in December and we managed to come up with solutions for most of the tough conceptual challenges that were worrying us. Continue reading

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So far 2754 people have tagged a blank page in their browser:

I’m ashamed to say it… but I’m one of them!

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Flexible RIA Architecture: PureMVC and Mate

I’ve been using PureMVC for my Flash/Flex applications for quite a while now, and have generally found it to work quite well. Besides the obviously annoying abundance of boiler-plate code, it does a decent job of separating concerns, and has helped me to build better applications.

Lately, however, I’ve been building an application for which PureMVC has turned out to be a pretty poor fit. The term that some people have used to describe this kind of application is “Document-Based”.

Continue reading

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Interactive Application Architecture

Just in case you thought that there was a clear cut definition of MVC:

And if you are considering using Cairngorm for your next project, give this a read (especially the comments, all of them):

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AMFPHP and Mate Video Tutorials

Just came across some great video tutorials on Niel Webb’s Blog:

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