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Linking to your GitHub code

It’s pretty easy to link directly to a line of code in your GitHub repo:


Don’t do that you naughty sausage! Your codebase will evolve (if all goes well), and line 16 will be replaced by a newer, shinier string of characters. Or, in this case, it’ll point to something that no longer exists.

This, on the other hand, is more likely to stick around to haunt its author (me):


Select a tag before you link to your fancy code (“Switch Tags” under GitHub‘s “Source” menu).

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Clean Code

I recently purchased @unclebobmartin‘s awesome book: Clean Code. What a book! I’m going to echo a sentiment that often ripples through the Twittersphere: If you are a programmer and you haven’t read Clean Code you are doing your fellow programmers (and yourself) a great disservice. Seriously.
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Tuning The Legs

The Robotlegs MVCS implementation was designed to be convenient: quick-n-easy for common use cases. Nothing is free, of course, and that convenience comes at a cost. I want to highlight a few things that can be tweaked to improve performance for applications that really need it. Continue reading

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Robotlegs v1.0.0 – Out Now!

Robotlegs AS3 v1.0.0 has been released

A huge big “Thank You” to everyone involved. Let the “utility building” begin!

Robotlegs is an automated dependency injection framework for Flash, Flex and AIR.

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OS X Git Prompt

I’m currently using a modified version of git-prompt that looks something like this:

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RobotLegs AS3 v0.9: ElasticChaos (Broken, Fixed, Tidied, Improved)

RobotLegs AS3 v0.9 (codename ElasticChaos) is up on GitHub:

RobotLegs is nearly at v1.0! Many awesome changes since v0.8, with the most community involvement to date:

The “Official RobotLegs Framework Repository” has also been moved:

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RobotLegs – RazorSharpness Through Collaboration


Help make RobotLegs the cleanest, smallest, most testable, and most kick-ass framework for Flash and Flex ever built – join the discussion group:

Or help fill up the Robotlegs Knowledgebase:

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RobotLegs AS3 v0.8: ByeByeFlex (FlexMediator removed)

RobotLegs AS3 v0.8 (codename ByeByeFlex) is up on GitHub:

The RobotLegs Library has received it’s first community contribution! Till Schneidereit fixed something that had been bugging me for a while: the existence of the FlexMediator. Initially I split this out to avoid compiling any Flex classes into pure AS3 projects. Till submitted a patch that allows the Mediator to detect the presence of Flex without this side-effect.

This is why I love Git (and GitHub). Anyone can come along, fork the project, make changes to it, and send a Pull Request – without requiring any permission to do so. This significantly lowers the barrier-to-entry for once-off or “impulse” contributions.

Anyhoo, this change to the Library requires a find-n-replace on old application code:

FlexMediator -> Mediator

RobotLegs AS3 is a Dependency Injection Driven MVCS Framework for Flash and Flex.

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What Is RobotLegs?


  • RobotLegs is an Architectural (or Structural) Action Script 3 Framework.
  • It provides a mechanism for wiring objects together.
  • It promotes a usage pattern for keeping your code loosely coupled and easy to test.
  • It has a narrow scope: wiring.

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RobotLegs AS3 Framework Unit Tests

I’ve started putting together some unit tests for RobotLegs:

Feel free to fork if testing is your idea of insane weekend fun!


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