Robotlegs 2 Released

If you’ve been waiting for Robotlegs 2 you’ve been waiting a long time. Sorry about that! It’s been hard to find motivation in the face of the Flash Platform’s rapid decline. Fewer users, less feedback and less collaboration. And other things.

Regardless, after 8 public betas, RL2 is finally out! Huge props to all the contributors:

As always, you can download the release over at:

For general support please use the Knowledgebase:

And please report any issues you might discover:

Personal Thanks

Without getting too soppy I’d like to say a special thank you to @stray_and_ruby for pioneering much of the RL2 codebase and for putting up with me in my darker moments. Also, to @camillereynders for getting involved and pushing things forward. And to @OndinaDF for the incredible energy she injects into the support forum on a daily basis. Thank you.

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  • bulupe

    Thank you Shaun and others, RL rocks

  • Scott Enders

    Very nice, looking forward to checking it out

  • Stefano Le Pera

    Good job my friend!!

  • Bill Brown

    Thanks for the great work! Appreciate you keep the Flash community strong.

  • irony

    Great. thank you

  • bob

    Good job! Robotlegs forerver!

  • Matej


  • Alex

    Great. thank you

  • hayesmaker
  • Venant

    good job and well done.

  • jake

    Awsome, Contraulations on a job well done!

  • amar

    good job and stuff!