RL2 Framework Size

Just a quickie. I thought it might be fun to calculate the size of the RL2 framework (when compiled in Release mode using the old compiler.. ‘cos ASC2 is still hella broken).

Here are some numbers (subject to change):

Compiled SWF Size:

Sprite as SWF: 286 bytes (non-debug, release compile)
+ Injector: 12416 bytes
+ Context: 21111 bytes
+ MVCS: 43633 bytes
Injector = 12130 bytes (11.8 KB)
Context = 8695 bytes (8.5 KB)
MVCS = 22522 bytes (22 KB)
Framework + Injector + MVCS all included = 43347 bytes (42.3 KB)

So, the framework is still pretty small. Thank goodness.

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