Level Up

Holy crap, it’s only a week away!

What surprised me most about the first Try { Harder } was just how intense the whole thing was. At other conferences you can often just sit back and learn at your own pace (provided the material is actually technical enough to keep you interested). T{H}2011 was different.

I remember feeling completely exhausted at the end of each day – but it was accompanied by that lovely feeling you get when you know you’ve worked and grown as much as you can in a single day. Sleep is pretty epic after days like that!

However, it wasn’t just the talks and workshops that did this, it was meeting and talking to those folks whose blogs you read. Those people who you chat to on twitter but haven’t met in real life. That was, perhaps, the best part for me.

Now, I’m not the most social person in the world at the best of times, so this aspect was also quite overwhelming. Fortunately the week started off with an amazing talk that helped put everyone at ease. I can’t share the details but everyone agreed: it was the perfect way to reduce the inevitable resultant anxiety of a bunch of smart nerds meeting each other for the first time. This is just one example of the thought that went into the conference as a whole.

Try { Harder } Level Up: 19th – 23rd March 2012

I believe there are a couple of spots left for T{H}LU. If you can, you should come join us next week. It’ll be fun!


Update: Pricing for freelancers has dropped to £699 (including accommodation).

Update2: JetBrains are supporting the event by offering personal licences of IntelliJ IDEA to all attendees!

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