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Flex App Scaling Issue

Just in case you were silly enough to deploy a fullscreen Flash/Flex app to the web, browse to it on a Flash enabled mobile device or tablet, and expect it to look nice:

To be fair, it’s not a Flash/Flex issue at all, but rather a mobile browser detail worth knowing about:

Essentially, mobile browsers assume a default viewport width of 980px at 72dpi for any given web page and scale the content according to the actual device DPI.

Good for HTML; probably not want you want for your fullscreen Flash/Flex app. Use the tag above to prevent scaling.

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Level Up

Holy crap, it’s only a week away!

What surprised me most about the first Try { Harder } was just how intense the whole thing was. At other conferences you can often just sit back and learn at your own pace (provided the material is actually technical enough to keep you interested). T{H}2011 was different. Continue reading

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