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Why Ruby Is Fun

Some little things I enjoy about Ruby: Continue reading

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Linking to your GitHub code

It’s pretty easy to link directly to a line of code in your GitHub repo:


Don’t do that you naughty sausage! Your codebase will evolve (if all goes well), and line 16 will be replaced by a newer, shinier string of characters. Or, in this case, it’ll point to something that no longer exists.

This, on the other hand, is more likely to stick around to haunt its author (me):


Select a tag before you link to your fancy code (“Switch Tags” under GitHub‘s “Source” menu).

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Clean Code

I recently purchased @unclebobmartin‘s awesome book: Clean Code. What a book! I’m going to echo a sentiment that often ripples through the Twittersphere: If you are a programmer and you haven’t read Clean Code you are doing your fellow programmers (and yourself) a great disservice. Seriously.
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