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A little Papervision3D microsite

Super tight deadline on this one: I essentially had a weekend to put it together. But, it gave me a chance test out RobotLegs on a plain ActionScript project (no Flex), and I got to throw a “Skip Intro” in there!

Internetix 09 Microsite

Built with Flex Builder (as an Eclipse Plugin), Papervision3D, TweenLite and RobotLegs AS3.

Agency: Hello World Agency

NOTE: there is an issue with double breaks coming from the external XML content file (thanks to Windows and it’s retarded carriage return antics); I’ve updated the SWF to fix this, but it seems to be cached pretty hard on their server.

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RobotLegs AS3: GitHub Wiki Updated

I’ve added a little page to the RobotLegs Wiki: RobotLegs Overview

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RobotLegs AS3: Introductory Screencast

RobotLegs AS3 is a Dependency Injection Driven MVCS Framework for Flash and Flex inspired by PureMVC.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but only got the chance to sit down and give it a bash this morning. It was pretty rushed, so I’ll probably redo these when I get a chance.

NOTE: If you don’t know PureMVC you should watch these first: PureMVC.TV

Update: The vids were pretty crap, so I removed them. Besides, they’re a bit dated now anyway (the framework’s API has tightened up quite a bit since this post). Have a look:

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