RobotLegs AS3: A DI Driven MVCS Framework for Flash & Flex – Inspired by PureMVC

RobotLegs AS3Want a framework like PureMVC but without Singletons, Service Locators, or casting? Perhaps one with Dependency Injection and Automatic Mediator Registration?

Well, you might enjoy RobotLegs AS3: yet another lightweight micro-architecture for Rich Internet Applications.

It’s got the bits that I like about PureMVC (Mediators, Commands and Proxies) without any of the bits that I’m not so fond of (Service Locator, Singletons, casting casting casting!).

I’ve put the source up on GitHub, so feel free to Fork it and make it better:

Discussion Group:

Here’s a little demo:
(Please note: the API and usage has cleaned up a lot since this demo was built)

RobotLegs Demo App: HelloFlex

You can also view the demo here (with view source).

The demo app is perhaps not so great, but it demonstrates many of the framework’s features. AND, there isn’t a single cast in there! No actor casting, no payload casting, not any casting, not even for fun!

I have much to say about this little framework, but it’s the wrong side of 5am and I’ve had a crazy long day. In the meantime, you can find some background info here and here if you’re interested.

Update: RobotLegs Lives!

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