Pijin.net V3 Progress Update – 14 Sept 2008

Thought it was about time to post some updates.

July 2008:
Started working on Pijin on a more full time basis – reduced Hello Computer work to 2 days a week.
Serious evaluation of technologies, tools and approaches.

August 2008:
Decided on Tools and Technologies:

  • Eclipse with plugins: PDT, Aptana, Subclipse, and Flex Builder (likely to switch to FDT later)
  • PHP 5.2+ with Zend Framework (AMF integration with CodeIgniter was too messy),
  • PureMVC MultiCore for AS3 framework,
  • Flex 3 for front-end prototype,
  • AS3 for FP10 for deploy,
  • SabreSMF for Remoting (likely to switch to Zend_Amf later)

Played with the Zend Framework
Decided on packaging and naming conventions
Basic server setup
Tested WebOrb, but decided on SabreAMF instead (WebOrb was too bloated, though I like the admin tool)
Started Pijin Core AS3 Library
Started Pijin Flex3 PureMVC MultiCore Project
Started Pijin PHP Library (Zend Framework naming conventions – allows use of Zend_Loader)
Started Pijin PHP Remoting Services
Wrote the Pijin AMFGateway bootstrap and CallbackServer for SabreAMF
Wrote the Pijin AS3 RemoteService
Started implementing Remoting security features for Services

September 2008:
Started simple Flex prototype interface
Integrated my CMS tool for quickly and easily setting up the Pijin V3 db Schema
Wrote/adapted Pair Retrieval algorithm from Pijin.net V2
Wrote/adapted Pair Rating algorithm from V2 – now with “weighting”
Defined Item Schema
Figured out how Styles will work
Upgraded to SabreAMF 1.2

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