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Zend_Amf Oh yes!

This is really great news: Adobe to contribute AMF support to Zend Framework.

You can check out the official proposal here:

In fact, it solves two of my three big choices from this post.

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Too Many Options

So, I have a fairly large-scale flash application that I want to build.

In fact, it’s the whole reason I’ve been learning all this web application development stuff. It’s the reason I stopped freelancing as BoyBlack over a year ago, and took on a fulltime job at Hello Computer – so that I could get paid to implement all the research I’ve been doing, in a realistic fashion, one manageable project at a time. It’s also the reason why I recently negotiated to reduce my working hours to two days a week – so that I can start building the next version of my application.

But now that I’m ready to sit down and build this thing I’m faced with a couple of tough decisions:

  • IDE: FDT or Flex Builder?
  • PHP Framework: CodeIgniter or Zend Framework?
  • Remoting: AMFPHP or WebOrb? Or just go JSON

At least I’m settled on using PureMVC as my Flash Framework (whether I decide to use Flex or not is another matter entirely!), and jQuery as my JavaScript library. Continue reading

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AS3 Must Read

Go Mr Moock! Anyone who works with Flash should read these asap:

ActionScript 3.0: Is It Hard or Not?
The Charges Against ActionScript 3.0

And keep this list handy:

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Cognitive Surplus

Came across a post on Kieth Peters’ blog called “Where do we find the time?” that linked to this clip. Well worth watching:

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Great PureMVC Tutorial

I just finished going through this tutorial by Dave Keen – an Action Script developer from the UK. I think it makes for a great introduction to PureMVC.

PureMVC Tutorial – Flex, PureMVC, Jabber and XIFF 3: Introduction:

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