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Getting Started with FlashDevelop3 and AS3

Aha! Finally. Time for my first tutorial: Getting up and running with FlashDevelop3.

Firstly, FlashDevelop 3 only runs on Windows XP/Vista, and requires the .NET 2 runtime. Additionally, to compile AS3 code you will need the Java 1.6 runtime and the Adobe Flex SDK. Ok, let’s go!

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Unified Web Development

One language to rule them all? Perhaps, at least in terms of web development.

haXe is fascinating. One language across all tiers of your web application: on the server, in the browser, and even on the desktop. haXe compiles down to Neko bytecode (to run on the server), JavaScript (for all your Ajax needs), and ActionScript bytecode (for Flash Player goodness).

Combine haXe and PureMVC, and you’ve got some real power!

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ExtJS – Wooah

Holy smokes! I recently discovered ExtJS. Wow! It’s currently at version 2.0 and I have to complement Jack Slocum on the incredibly well designed API.

So, to get to grips with it, I started building a little CMS using ExtJS and CodeIgniter. Got stuck in over the weekend, and managed to build my first ExtJS component – a data grid for picking ids from foreign tables.

It also gave me a chance to play around with the native JSON capabilities of PHP5.2

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